Integrated Bridge System
Integrated Bridge System (IBS) is designed to ensure automated ship (vessel) control and increased navigation safety, combined with a smaller crew and less electronic equipment on the bridge.

Integrated Bridge System (IBS) developed for the ships and vessels and includes ship movement control system, navigation system, mapping and radar systems as integrated ship control system.

IBS provides indicators panel integration, single information enviroment and centralized equipment management.

IBS makes possible to minimize and optimize the number of equipment, automate navigation tasks to reduce accidents due to crew`s faults.

Integrated Bridge System is a component system and can be flexible to meet Customer`s requirements.

Estimated service life not less than 25 years.

  • Optimal solution for ship upgrading due to up-to-date ergonomics and design of control facilities, information display technology, system and circuit engineering of automated control systems;
  • When designing a ship or a vessel, IBS with a variable integration with other systems can be developed to meet the customer’s requirements;
  • Various types of sections are available for IBS configuration to match the bridge profile.
  • Navigation, safe ship steering and maneuvering achieved through automated and semi-automated control of ship movement and position;
  • Trial maneuvering as well as generation of ship movement trajectory during maneuvering with the check for near collision with other ships or vessels and nautical threats;
  • Automatic warning in case of danger;
  • Integration of navigation data, surface surveillance and ship movement parameters received from various data sources and integrated ship systems (GPS/GLONASS, ship log, echo-sounder, gyro- and magnetic compasses, meteorological sensors, etc.), further identification and display of data on multi-function screens;
  • Control over all types of ship communications (internal and external) to use them efficiently;
  • Control and monitoring of the main and auxiliary propulsion systems;
  • Integrated control and monitoring of auxiliary systems (navigation lights, interior lighting, transmission of liquids, video surveillance, emergency warning system etc.);
  • Information support of ship damage control and crew awareness of the ship and life-support system status, as well as prediction of further situation.
Our Integrated Bridge System is being used successfully onboard "50 Years of Victory " icebreaker as well as onboard Kometa-120M passenger hydrofoil vessel, "Russia" motorship.

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