RPF Meridian JSC is one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the Russian shipbuilding industry. Since inception in 1883, the company has been focused on naval equipment and now RPF Meridian JSC is an advanced enterprise widely acknowledged on the global market.

The company has its own research, design, technology and acceptance departments, as well as manufacturing and testing facilities, which allows us to provide a full life cycle of our products from development through to post-warranty maintenance. High performance and competitive advantages of our products are backed by qualified personnel, unparalleled technologies and automated production, coupled with continuous step-by-step quality control.

The company’s accomplishments in the manufacturing of shipboard equipment have earned us great renown among our foreign partners taking Meridian systems onboard most advanced ships of the Chinese, Indian, Algerian and other navies. Our team can make the best marine equipment on the market available to you.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Alexander A. KOPANEV

chief executive officer kopanevAlexander Kopanev, Master of Science in engineering, Professor, winner of the Russian Federation State Award 2010, member of the Russian Transport Academy and the International Informatization Academy. He is the RPF Meridian JSC Director General since 1992. He has published more than 100 academic affairs.

Dr. Kopanev put in great efforts to improve the technical capabilities and performance of the company’s products by introducing advanced information technologies, display tools and microelectronics. He has also initiated an automated design and production system for devices developed by RPF Meridian JSC.

During state economic crisis, he managed to keep the company and its key human resources by shifting to a far more export-oriented manufacturing pattern. Highly attentive to production, Alexander Kopanev prioritizes the transition from prototype models to batch production and works hard to develop and upgrade the company’s machinery assets and technical facilities.