Sirena-MK Fire Alarm System
Sirena-MK Addressable Fire Alarm System is designed to receive and process fire detector signals, display data on the fire situation in the monitored premises, monitor the status of fire doors (fire-fighting devices) in the protected premises, generate triggering pulses for fire-extinguishing control devices and transmit information to the central monitoring console.

Sirena-MK is designed to operate not only with addressable fire detectors ИПТА (IPTA), ИПРА (IPRA), ИПДА (IPDA), ДТ3 (DT3), ДГ1 (DG1) and РИ (RI) directly connected to ЦП (TsP) device, but also with non-addressable fire detectors (sensors) connected to ЦП device via addressable devices ЭП (EP), ПП (PP) and АП (AP).

The system has a wide application and can be installed in oil & gas facilities, electrical substations, high-rise buildings and civil engineering projects, as well as maritime objects regulated by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).

Main Features

Highly robust and reliable, the system is suitable for operation in the Far North and has an explosion-proof design.

Its modular configuration allows to select an optimal combination of devices tailored to particular projects.

PC connectivity ensures continuous ongoing monitoring of protected premises.

The system also displays data on fire loop status (rupture, connection failure with detector or device).

The system is RMRS compliant and has all relevant certificates.

Number of addresses up to 64 (20 ЭП devices or 3 ПП devices)
Loops in ЭП device 1 loop for active detectors and 1 loop for passive detectors
Loops in ПП device

8 loops for active detectors and 8 loops for passive detectors

Maximum number of detectors per loop up to 20 active
up to 40 passive

Power supply
main 220 V, 50 Hz
stand-by 24 V
Power consumption, not more than 60 VA when powered from the grid
30 W when powered with a 24V source

Operating temperature +5 оС to +55 оС for ЦП and ИП devices
-50 оС to +55 оС for ЭП and ПП devices⁠
Case protection level as per GOST 14254

IP20 for ЦП and ИП devices (IP22 for marine application) IP54 for ЭП and ПП devices

Average service life 12 years

Sirena-MK can perform the following functions:

  • receive and process signals from fire detectors;
  • trigger actuator control devices;
  • generate loop damage alert;
  • transmit information to PC and central monitoring console.

Depending on configuration, the system can also provide protection against unauthorized access.

Our fire alarm systems are fitted at Leningrad Trade House, Children`s World supermarket, Financial Department of St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly as well as high residence buildings, gas and oil extraction facilities, large freezing trawler and others.

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