Meridian Summer Camp
The Meridian Summer Camp has been established to organize recreation for the children of the company’s employees during vacation and offer family recreation services. The company prides itself on the camp which enjoys a tremendous popularity.

Built in 1988, the Meridian Summer Camp is located 10 km away from the city of Luga, Leningradskaya region in an eco-friendly pine forest near the lakes Rakovicheskoye and Vrevo. It occupies 10.5 hectares.

The accommodation includes three two-storey and one three-storey building with central heating, hot and cold water supply. On each floor, there are showers and in the halls, TV sets are available and connected to the camp’s cable network with two channels and satellite television. There is also a canteen with a cinema/concert hall and a dining room, a library and a computer room.

On Rakovicheskoye lake, there is a beach and a bath house. The camp can accommodate up to 250 children simultaneously, with up to 1,000 children visiting it throughout the summer.

The Meridian Summer Camp able to accept the children of Meridian RPF JSC employees as well as other companies like Gazprom Transgaz Saint Petersburg LLC, the North-Western Bank of the Sberbank of Russia, IZ КАRTEX named after P.G. Korobkov Ltd., etc