Special Testing Station
Equipment upgrading and retrofit is underway at the station to ensure new technologies of parameter monitoring, adjustment and logging can be introduced for digitally controlled environmental.

In the 70s, it became necessary to develop special testing equipment to check systems for the measurement and compensation of ship/vessel magnetic fields and such equipment had to be located in a low-EMF area. . First of all, low-EMF pavilions No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 were constructed, a building for mechanical workshop, a garage, an office building, a lab and living quarters. Then a metal warehouse building and a hotel followed. A boiler house, water purification facilities, high-voltage power lines, diesel-generator and compressor buildings were also erected to provide the station’s life support.

Cold stamping and pressure metal stamping technologies were mastered and introduced; polyurethane blanking was widely used and a coiling section organized to manufacture wound products. Technological processes for transformer winding and assembly were developed, as well as plasma metal cutting. The testing station launched the production of cabinets for such systems as APZ-028, STS-M, Kastaka, Kasatka-M, Sirena-M.

In 2011, the production of new-design cabinets was launched and in 2012, a new metal fabrication shop was established with a powder coating section. Also, the testing station purchased a CNC forming machine and new welding equipment. Heat treatment machinery has been upgraded and a band sawing machine bought for the blanking section.

Test benches for APZ-028, Kasatka Fire Alarm System and Blokirovka WJES have also been equipped as well as a test bench was developed and launched for checking gas analysis fire detectors.

We provide services to execute test. Our facility is certifited by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RМRS).