RPF Meridian JSC took part in NEVA-2019 Exhibition

The 15th International Exhibition NEVA-2019 took place at Expoforum, Saint Petersburg, from the 17th to 20th of September, 2019

RPF Meridian JSC took part in NEVA-2019 Exhibition

643 participating companies including 243 foreign ones gathered this year, which is a record number in the entire history of the Exhibition. Shipbuilding and shipping companies from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Cyprus, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, France and Japan exhibited their products.

The total area of the Exhibition exceeded 30 thousands sq. m. The Exhibition is the largest in Russian and is among top-5 leading exhibitions in the world. RPF Meridian JSC, following its settled tradition, took part in this Exhibition and demonstrated its best dual-purpose products:

  • Integrated bridge system for vessels;
  • Integrated panel for manned and unmanned aircraft takeoff and landing control;
  • Integrated fire safety system.

The exhibition showed high interest of the participants to the products made in Saint Petersburg. It is pleasant to note the interest to the products of RPF Meridian JSC.The vessels and onboard systems meet world standards and surpass them in some aspects.

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