International Maritime Defense Show in Saint Petersburg - 2019

Meridian RPF JSC participated in the IX International Maritime Defense Show at LenExpo exhibition area.

International Maritime Defense Show in Saint Petersburg - 2019

On July 10-14, 2019 at Lenexpo exhibition area the IX International Maritime Defense Show took place. 353 enterprises from 20 countries participated in IMDS-2019, out of them, 28 were foreign companies. The IMDS-2019 exposition covered 15000 sq. m. of area in pavilions and open spaces like the Marina Harbor and aquatic area adjacent to the exhibition complex.

Meridian RPF JSC, following its settled tradition, participated in this notable event as a part of united exhibition of JSC Concern Morinsys-Agat. The visitors could appreciate the functionality and quality of our products both at the exhibition stand being a part of the Concern’s united info space and at the ships and vessels of Russian Navy, Coast Guard and EMERCOM participating in demonstrations at the Marine Harbour and the aquatic area.

Many visitors noted original approach to the stand, tried their abilities of target designation in Trebovaniye-M CMS, triggered manually the fire alarm system in the Integrated Fire Safety system, controlled the landing of the helicopter in the Integrated Helicopter Flight Control System. User-friendly interfaces of Trebovanie-M CMS consoles enabled even our smallest visitors – maybe, our future colleagues – to detect and neutralize the foes.

Our company continues to head towards its progressive ideas and plans which will be with pleasure demonstrated at our exhibition stand at the next IMDS.

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